Hydrock Engineering

Over the years, Hydrock has become a valued client of Omni's. With the team working on many different forward-thinking projects in various media outcomes.

Hydrock Engineering

When Hydrock first came to Omni, they were in a crowded market and looking to stand out. Omni took their existing desperate brand and helped unify design and brand using.

One of Omni's main jobs with Hydrock has been to enable them to promote their goals with a beautiful contemporary website. 

"We’ve worked with Omni for several years. They’ve built a strong collaborative relationship with us. They’ve supported us through significant changes to our business which needed to be reflected online. We have a robust, easy to use website with a great CMS, allowing us to manage our content 24/7. They’ve helped us map out user journeys to establish a suitable architecture. And best of all, we just enjoy their company."

Graham Munday, Head of Marketing, Hydrock


Hydrock Engineering Website